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Get moving with Axon Pilates

Pilates movements help to strengthen the core postural muscles providing increased
stability and balance by emphasising awareness of breathing and alignment of the
spine. Practising this control helps not only back problems but knee, ankle and
shoulders… in fact, every part of the body. Learning to relax tight muscles is just as important and will be shown and taught during the session.

Here at Axon Physio our Pilates classes are relaxed, informal and best of all, the
classes are small. With a maximum of 8 people we ensure you get the attention you
need and deserve.

Here’s how it works

We start with a private introductory session (unless you have had Pilates instruction
as part of a physiotherapy treatment with Axon). The 45 min introductory session
gives you an opportunity to find out how Pilates can help you, for us to discuss your
general medical history and note any injuries or pain that you may have. We will also
show you some simple Pilates exercises in preparation for the classes.

Following your 1:1 session you will then be ready to join a weekly class. Classes are
in six-week blocks. During each class we will check to make sure you are getting the
best from the exercises, so that at the end of each class you should feel stretched,
relaxed and more aware of your posture. Progress will be at the speed you feel
comfortable with.

It is important that you attend each class because they are structured to build as the
weeks progress. Although we will try and fit in catch up classes, it may not be
possible for you to make up missed classes.

Class schedule

Wednesday 6.00pm 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10.00am and 11.00am
Saturday 10.00am
Classes last 1 hour

Please call us for updates to class days and times


Private introduction session £45
Six sessions £72

No refunds unless a class is cancelled by Axon

All equipment is provided, including mats, resistance exercise bands, gym balls/ small weighted balls and balance equipment.

It’s easy to sign up

Give us a call at 01277 625652 or come by and visit us at:
Ground Floor
1 King Georges Court
High Street
Billericay CM12 9BY