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Physiotherapy for cyclists

Axon Physio provides expert physiotherapy to cyclists and triathletes.

Many cyclists commonly report back, neck, wrist, hip, and knee pain. We understand the complex nature of the biomechanics for riders. We have helped numerous cyclists and triathletes recover from injury and get back on the bike. Offering insight, knowledge, diagnostic skill, a variety of treatments including acupuncture, manual therapy, and specific rehabilitation. Riders have gone on to great achievements.

At Axon Physio we have the knowledge and experience to help resolve any injuries or pain you have to make your cycling more enjoyable and comfortable whether that be for enjoyment, fitness or competition.



James Jenkins – Elite/Pro Richardsons Trek RT

” I had a bike crash which resulted in me bruising the bones in my right knee cap. I reached out to Axon and was provided with some great advice along with stretches and exercises to do myself. It had been a hard few weeks of not exercising. I followed the advice to the letter and not long after I fully recovered and was back on my bike. “

Katie Ann Elliston – National Junior Record Holder

” All the staff at Axon Physio are wonderful and provide brilliant service. Dominique was amazing at sorting out the problem I had. She made me feel very relaxed throughout the process and gave me some exercises to do to help prevent the issue from coming back. I highly recommend them “

Paul Hart – former British Record Holder

” The team at Axon Physio are highly professional, very experienced and really friendly. It’s clear they have years of experience dealing with athletes, both professional and amateur. Highly recommended. “

Dean Hart – Abingdon Bomber winner / Cyclocrosser

” Axon Physiotherapy have helped get me back to full strength after a knee Injury. They have incredible knowledge and provide a great service. I am now able to start training again. “

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