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Childrens Physio

Childrens Physio

Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapy for babies and children 0-16.

Marianne provides thorough assessments and individualised treatment programmes in fun and friendly sessions. Helping children of all ages and abilities reach or return to their full physical potential.

Here is an overview of conditions therapy can be provided for:-

Babies and infants:

-Born prematurely

-With problems following birth – plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome, positional talipes, obstetric brachial plexus lesion, head turn preference and torticollis

-Developmental delay- babies or children late to reach their motor milestones such as rolling, sitting, crawling or walking

-Gait abnormalities including in-toeing or out-toeing, knock knees or bow legs, flat feet, tip toe walking

Musculoskeletal conditions including:

-Sporting injuries

-Post fracture or surgery

-Pain that impacts on function and exercise

-Growth related pain such as Severs and Osgood slatters

-Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

-Joint hypermobility syndrome

Balance and co-ordination difficulties including developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD)

Cerebral Palsy and other neurological conditions affecting a child’s motor development

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